FOCUS ON YOUR Cover letter and resume

This is the first piece of information we’ll see about you, so highlight your achievements. Here’s how to frame them:

  • Align your skills and experience with the job description.
  • Be specific about projects you’ve worked on or managed. What was the outcome? How did you measure success?
  • If you've had a leadership role, tell us about it. How big was the team? What was the scope of your work?
  • If you're a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include school-related projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge.



  • Be prepared to discuss how you have used your communication and decision-making skills to mobilize others. This might be by helping a team succeed even when you weren’t officially the leader, or by stepping up to a leadership role at work or with an organization.
  • We’re interested in how your individual strengths combine with your experience to drive impact. We don’t just look for how you can contribute today, but how you can grow into different roles
  • The Slim Factor: Share how you work on a team and individually, how you navigate ambiguity, and how you help others.



After your interviews are done, a hiring committee made up of employees at all levels of the company review your applicatoin, which includes your interview feedback and scores, your cover letter, resume, and references. Hiring committees help make sure we’re holding true to our hiring standards as we grow.