CFO Services

You've hatched your big idea -- great!

As your business grows and you seek fundraising and look to establish adequate financial controls; we can help provide guidance and support on an affordable basis.

Who Needs CFO Support? 

Our Approach

Combining historical financial and statistical data with realistic assumptions to provide future looking forecasts that support our client’s financial value proposition. While every client and engagement is different, some examples of activities we can help with:

  • Financial Modeling - We build financial models that include Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flows and Cap Table. Within the model will be flexible assumptions that allow users to run various what-if scenarios. This is an essential part of due diligence.

  • Board Reporting - No one likes to put together a complex slide deck hours before the delivery deadline. We are experienced with developing meaningful sets of reports that highlights the KPI's without drowning the board with unimportant details.

  • Participate in Board Meetings - Need someone to talk finance to the board? Not a problem; we are accustomed to explaining complex accounting and financial terms to a wide range of audiences. In addition, this allows the board to hear viewpoints from someone other than senior management.

  • ERP Consultation - If an organization is considering transitioning to an ERP such as NetSuite or IntAcct, this is a serious decision that should not be made lightly. Before engaging the various software vendors, it is advisable to complete a full business process flow so that this can be considered while examining software options. Once a software has been chosen; we can support the implementation to limit the impact and overtime of staff and own the process as we work towards an implementation date.