Brandi DeCarli

"Tim King and the entire team at Slim Accounting is absolutely top notch. They are professional, highly organized and efficient. They are a true pleasure to work with and I am so glad to be working with them! If you are a startup looking for the right accounting team, I highly recommend Slim Accounting."

Attila Toth

"Life is difficult enough for a startup founder. Why make it more difficult by working with a mediocre accounting firm? Our life has gotten much easier since we hired Slim. Tim and Alexa are always ON, have great attitude and superb attention to detail. Just finished an audit with great results and Slim played a huge role in that."

Kartik Tiwari

"It was a great decision to hire Slim Accounting to finalize the books for my company. Apart from some documents, it was a completely hands-off operation. Tim was really responsive was did not make things overly complicated for me. On top of this, the price was extremely reasonably. I would hire him in an instant next time as well."